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Public and World-Wide Notice of Grant 1. THE GRANT. The purpose of this Grant is to grant Ownership and control of a bundle of rights associated with the intellectual property of the NFTs we create. We are attempting to grow the value of the creation alongside our Owners. We wish to define what Ownership can actually mean. This document and the terms and conditions contained in it shall be referred to as “Policy” Policy governs the use and rights of all token holders of the collection, “The Ethereans”.

In the Policy, the party who is granting the right to use the licensed property will be referred to as "Chaos Duo" and the party who is receiving the right to use the licensed property will be referred to as "Owner." The Policy continues as:
Chaos Duo created each NFT in the "The Ethereans" collection with Contract ID(*) on the Ethereum blockchain. Each token is an ERC-721 and is represented by a unique Token Identification Number Each token shall be referred to as “Created Work” or "Work" NFT (non fungible token) is a cryptographic record of ownership for a unique item encoded into the blockchain.

“Time of Creation” is the time each token was minted.
“NFT Owner” “Owner” in this document, shall refer to the individual, group, partnership, corporation, DAO, tribe, or other entity that is the indicated owner of such NFT.

Creators hold the exclusive rights of reproduction, adaptation, publication, display, and performance to the Created Works, in all of the universe, in perpetuity: Creators grants a perpetual and irrevocable, license that is 100% congruent with their rights as creators.

It is the intent and purpose of the Creators to put the world on notice that the Owner of an Etherean NFT holds an irrevocable, and all encompassing license to use the image, name, likeness of the media associated with the particular NFT they own.

The image and media pointed to by the NFT is the scope of the media that the NFT Owner has the right to exploit by way of this Grant.

The purpose and intent of the language used in this Grant is to make clear the Owner at any given moment in time, in perpetuity, has all rights to use, in commerce and in all mediums, known and unknown at the Time of Creation, Created Work in reproduction, adaption, publication, display, and performance, for commerce or otherwise. This Grant is broad and all encompassing.

This Grant runs with the Token. Therefore, any sale of the NFT is necessary a sale of the Rights of Owner granted here. The owner has the right to grant any sublicense recognized in any appropriate jurisdiction, for royalty or otherwise.

All such agreements and their implications on future sales, future Owners, and the notice or other requirements any jurisdiction would put on any Owner that made such agreements prior to a sale of the token, are not the responsibility of Chaos Duo and beyond the control of Creator.

If the Owner, grants use to a Third Party, Chaos Duo is not responsible for any liability created if the Owner sells the NFT and does not fully disclose any fact, or does not act in any way that would comply with the laws of the proper jurisdictions for sale of any good.

The Owner has the right to use reproduce, adapt, perform, publish, display, or in any other way use the intellectual property of the media their NFT displays.

Owner will pay to Chaos Duo a royalty which shall be calculated as follows: none.
Any sales or other monies generated from the exercise of Ownership are owed to Creators by Token Owners.




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